Find something original and undiscovered. Be blown away by the talented local artists exhibiting at Mo~co. All work is for sale, with 100% of proceeds going directly back to the artist. Drop by to view their work, no apppointments necessary.

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We feel priviledged to be able to support new artists, and work with you to actively promote your work. Contact Esther to organise your exhibition.

Simon Hurley

Simon's work features found object sculptural work. His work embodies his ethos of using what's around us, repurposing and upcycling materials which may otherwise end up in a landfill.

ange holtslag

Ange's recent return to painting is exhibited in her current works which are inspired by the surrounding environment – the nearby beaches, urban landscapes, and the cloudscapes above.


matt comeskey

Matt lives on the Kapiti coast which provides a lot of the inspiration for his paintings. He enjoys looking at the little things – the sea foam, the glint of sunlight on a wave, the tiny ripples of water racing down the beach.