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Get Digital Savvy - Workshop 3 - Creating great digital content

Workshop 3 - Creating great digital content

Get ready to get those fingers typing because this workshop is dedicated to the art of creating shareable content. In this workshop we’ll cover the hot topic of ‘blogging’, case studies and e-newsletters. Giving you insight on how to share the content you’ve created and measure its results.

Our presenters, Brent from Pola Design and Mel from Maze Marketing & PR, will give take you on a journey to discovering the potential your business has to change how it communicates.

This workshop will cover

  • Blogs 

  • Case studies

  • E-newsletters

  • Feature articles and business profiles

  • Copywriting 

  • Branding

  • Sharing digital content

  • Strategy and planning

  • Measuring success

What you’ll get out of this workshop

  • An understanding of the value of digital content and how it supports SEO and brand awareness.

  • Brainstormed ideas for content and an action plan for how you will create it.

  • Planning template

  • Results assessment template 

  • The ability to workshop your content with Mel who is an experienced copywriter.

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