matt comeskey

I’m lucky to live near a beautiful coastline that provides a lot of the inspiration for my paintings. I walk on the beach a lot and definitely consider it my happy place. I enjoy looking at the little things – the sea foam, the glint of sunlight on a wave, the tiny ripples of water racing each other up and down the beach. There is always something new to see on a beach walk.

I love it when someone looking at my painting says they can smell the salt spray, hear the crash of waves, or just feels that peace of being at the beach.

I haven’t had any formal training in art - I enjoying just seeing what comes out without too much planning or expectation.

For me, painting is a really meditative and joyful activity. I’m excited to see where my art journey might lead me, and I’m very grateful for Esther and the team at Mo-co for kindly showing some of my work.